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Our packaging machines utilize cold jaws for sealing PE + PE materials, and hot jaws for sealing CPP + OPP materials. We pack in 2,5 kg and 1 kg sizes. Our machines operate on volumetric basis,, taking in the weight and measuring it in volume.

Our packaging area is 1.400 square meters wide, divided into various pools and is located directly above our packaging machines. After they are separated according to their types, the products emptied out of their pools are sieved through the sieves located on the machines. It is only after they pass this section that they can enter the packaging section at a lower stage.

The packaged products coming out of the machines are checked and put into boxes by a female worker. The top and bottom of each box is taped simultaneously by automatic taping machine and the box is conveyed by belt to the metal detector, which is monitored hourly with test cards by our quality control staff. If the packages within a box passing through the metal detector contain any metal sized 1 mm. or bigger, an alarm is given instantly, and the box is taken aside and checked. The risk of any metal being found in our products is minimum.

The boxes passing the detector as clear are stacked by the personnel on standard palettes to be sent to stretch wrapping.



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